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Why online registration?

Have you ever heard this from a Participant: "I mailed my check last week! What do you mean you didn't get it!?" Have you had checks bounce or do you hold your breath hoping they won't? Has a participant forgot to sign their name on a check they mailed in? Or had the check payable for the wrong amount? Event directors have a tough job and TrueSport.com is here to make your life easier. Online registration simplifies your life by having all the entries collected in one place. Instant authorization means that the participant has the funds to purchase the entry. If the credit card is denied the entry will not be issued. Period. You can keep track of how many participants are signing up for your event with just a few clicks. Concentrate on organizing your event, not cashing every check. Particiapnts love online registration and you will too!

What sets TrueSport.com apart?

Your Own Private Dashboard

When you register your event on TrueSport.com, you have access to your own secure and private Dashboard. Your Dashboard allows you fast, easy access to you event's vital information and up to the minute stats. From who's signed up to how much money you have earned, it's all there!

TrueSport.com Works To Promote Your Event

Promoting your race is in our best interest as well as yours. We want racers to know about your event so of course we are going to use our proven marketing tools:

  • Free Home Page Listing - Your race will be listed on the TrueSport.com home page under Featured Events.
  • Free Press Release Postings
  • Free Results Postings
  • Banner Advertisements - We offer affordable banner advertising options on our website. The right menu banner advertisement cost $75 for 4 weeks and the header menu banner advertisement cost $200 for 4 weeks.

All Transactions Are Handled Securely By VeriSign

We use VeriSign, the industry leader in secured transactions. Our payment process is completely integrated with VeriSign, the only trusted name in internet security. This will give you the peace of mind that your participants' sensitive information is kept safe. And it reflects well on you as an event director, as your participants will take notice of the extra security we provide.

Shipping and Delivery

Our business is limited to services only. We do not sell products.


Is there a fee for having TrueSport.com handle my race's online registration?

We do not charge the promoters a dime! It's totally FREE. However, in order to encourage participants to register online we encourage promoters to charge a $5 minimum late fee for race day registration. Some event directors choose to offer a discount to participants who register online.

What do the riders have to pay to register for my race online?

TrueSport.com charges a modest transaction fee for processing online registrations. The transaction fee is on a sliding scale dependent on the entry fee. The higher the entry fee, the lower the percentage.

Do I have to process the credit card transactions?

No, we do the work for you. TrueSport.com processes all credit card transactions through our secured VeriSign server.

Do I need a website to use TrueSport.com's on-line registration?

No, a website is not necessary. When you create your race flyer on TrueSport.com all your registration information will automatically appear online. Your online race flyer is fully customizable. The race information you want to include is up to you.

How can I see who's registered for my race?

When you sign up you will create a username and password for your private Dashboard. Your Dashboard allows you fast, easy access to you event's vital information and up to the minute stats. From who's signed up to how much money you have earned, it's all there!

Can I download this information?

Absolutely! The lists of the riders who have signed up for your race will be broken down by category and you can save and print a copy out using nothing more than your browser.

What do I do with the entries I receive by mail?

In your private Dashboard you can enter the names of the riders who have mailed in their entries. This will allow you to print out one complete list of all entries you have received.

What about Rider Release Forms? Are these completed online by the racer?

Yes, this is the feature event directors and participants most appreciate as it significantly expedites the registration process on race-day. We provide pre-populated release forms for USA Cycling (USAC) and American Bicycle Racing (ABR)sanctioned events. When online registration closes you can login to your dashboard and dowload your pre-populated release forms. The release forms are completed online but an original signature is required. It is your responsibility to have riders sign the entry release forms and make certain all personal information is correct on the day of the event.

We also allow event directors to upload their own release form in which praticiapnts will electronically agree to prior to completing their registration.

When and how does TrueSport.com send me the entry fee money that has been collected?

In order to expedite the payment process we submit all entry fees that have been collected directly to your banking account via the ACH payment process on the next business day after online registration closes so there is no waiting for a check to arrive in the mail and no need for you to drive to your bank to make the deposit. In most cases you will receive the funds in your account on the next business day after the deposit has been issued.

Need your entry fees before online registration closes?

No problem. We can periodically make deposits ($500 minium) to your account while online registration is open. Just let us know how often you would like to receive payments.

Does TrueSport.com issue refunds?

Yes, event directors can issue refunds for entries received within the last 60 days. Refunds for entries received more than 60 days from the date of the initial purchase will be the responsibility of the event director. Online registraton service fees are non-refundable.

I'm sold! I want to use TrueSport.com for my online registration.
What's the next step?

First you need to register your event with us. Click here to begin and thanks for choosing TrueSport.com!!!