53rd Hill HundredMid America TT Series

Event Information

53rd Annual Hilly Hundred Weekend Bicycle Tour - VOLUNTEER REGISTRATION

Presented By
Central Indiana Bicycling Association 

Sanctioned By

601 S. Edgewood Drive Ellettsville, IN 47429 US

Event Start Date
Oct 8, 2021 5:00 PM EST 

Event End Date
Oct 10, 2021 5:00 PM EST 

Registration Starts
Jun 12, 2021 8:00 AM EST

Registration Ends
Sep 24, 2021 11:59 PM EST  PENDING APPROVAL 

Event Description

This page is for volunteer registration only!!!
Please  CLICK HERE  if you would like to register for the event as a participant.

Bicycle Security
The first shift on Friday first opens four large tarps to cover the gym floor. The tarps which weigh about 300 to 400 pounds each and at least four people are needed to open one and drag it into place. Then 45 to 50 bike racks are taken out of the trailer and setup.
Both Friday shifts and both Saturday afternoon shifts check bikes into Bike Security. Volunteers put one of a pair of matching tickets on a bike and the other ticket is given to the bike owner. The owner puts their bike on the rack.
Both Saturday morning shifts and both Sunday morning shifts check out bikes. Volunteers check that people entering Bike Security have a ticket. The bike owner then gets their bike and shows a volunteer they have the ticket that matches the one on the bike. The volunteer takes both tickets and discards them.
In addition to checking out bikes, the second shift on Sunday disassembles the bike racks and stores them on the trailer.
Director will be touch to schedule for 6 hours total throughout the weekend

Merchandise Distribution
Volunteer will take the slip with the prepaid merchandise listed and give them merchandise listed on the slip.

Merchandise Sales
Volunteers will be selling merchandise available they will be using a tablet to enter sales.

Vendor Tent Area
Volunteer will assist vendor tent director as needed and distribute ice cream to returning riders.

Information Booth
Volunteers will provide information about CIBA and other rides though out the year.  CIBA MEMBERS PREFERRED!!!

Sleeping Bag Area
Director will be touch to schedule for 6 hours total throughout the weekend.

Parking and Camping
Volunteers will offer direction and answer questions to participants of the Hilly upon arrival at the campus, limited set-up and tear down of parking tape, cones and signs.

Snack Bar
Work at the high school gym snack area serving snacks and cider

Registration Materials Distribution
Distribute registration materials to registered participants.
FRI 4:30 pm - 9:30 pm, SAT 7:00 am - 11:00 am, SUN 7:00 am - 10:00 am

Rest Stops
Volunteers will assist with serving food and drinks to the riders and keeping the site clean.  Volunteers will help unload food off trucks and load up leftover food at the end.  You can ride and work the rest stop.

SAG Driver
Volunteers will provide own vehicle with bike racks, a support vehicle following the riders offering assistance to riders and pick up riders unable to continue on the ride.

HAM Communications
Volunteers must have a call sign, will be communicating any activity and routing of sag drivers with our main operator.

Medical Personnel
Volunteers will provide basic first aid at the rest stop, any certifications will work from EMT, Paramedic, Registered nurse.

Route Signs
Consist of teams of 2 – one person will drive while the other person will place/pick up the sign in the ground along the route.

Volunteer Check In
Report to Volunteer Coordinator and will helping pass out volunteer info and shirts. A few will be extras on Friday night to assist with other odds and ends in other areas if needed.

Friday - Take photos Friday evening around school, campground, and vendor tent areas.
Saturday - Take photos 
on route, at sag stops, around school, and vendor tent areas.

Photos need to be shared with slide show editors at the high school by 1:00 pm Saturday, either by SD card, email, text, or air drop.  Wide variety of settings preferable.

A portion of our proceeds goes towards various local charities.

Sorry, no refunds.  All sales are final.

 CLICK HERE  to see a detailed view of our 2021 merchandise.

Depending on your fit preference you may want to consider upsizing 1/2 to 1 full size.


 The deadline to order merchandise online is August 14 @ 11:59 pm ET.  However, there will be a very limited supply of merchandise available for sale at the event that will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Category Distance Start Time Prizes Field Limit Fee Add to Cart
Package Pre Orders - date to determined0 NANo start timeNone3$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
CIBA Store - already filled0 NA7:00 AMNone2$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Bike Mechanics - already filled 0 NA7:00 AMNone6$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Volunteer Check-in - Friday0 NA4:00 PMNone2$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Volunteer Check-in - Saturday0 NA7:00 AMNone1$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Setup - Friday0 NA01:00 PMNone5$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Tear Down - Sunday0 NA01:00 PMNone5$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Vendor Marketplace Assistant and Ice Cream - Saturday0 NA12:00 PMNone2$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Merchandise Sales - Friday0 NA4:00 PMNone6$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Merchandise Sales - Saturday shift 10 NA7:00 AMNone4$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Merchandise Sales - Saturday shift 20 NA01:00 PMNone4$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Merchandise Distribution - Sunday0 NA7:00 AMNone0$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Merchandise Sales - Sunday0 NA7:00 AMNone2$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Information Booth - Friday0 NA4:30 PMNone4$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Information Booth - Saturday shift 10 NA7:00 AMNone2$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Information Booth - Saturday shift 20 NA01:00 PMNone2$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Information Booth - Sunday0 NA7:00 AMNone1$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Bicycle Security0 NA4:00 PMNone6$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Merchandise Distribution - Friday0 NA4:30 PMNone3$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Merchandise Distribution - Saturday0 NA7:00 AMNone2$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Sleeping Bag Area All Weekend0 NA4:00 PMNone13$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Parking and Camping 0 NA4:00 PMNone35$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Snack Bar0 NA4:00 PMNone5$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Sleeping Bag Area All Weekend0 NA4:00 PMNone1$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Registration Materials Distribution - Friday0 NA4:30 PMNone10$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Registration Materials Distribution - Saturday0 NA7:00 AMNone10$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Registration Materials Distribution - Sunday0 NA7:00 AMNone3$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Rest Stop 1 - Saturday0 NA8:00 AMNone8$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Rest Stop 2 - Saturday0 NA8:30 AMNone45$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Rest Stop 3 - Saturday0 NA10:00 AMNone4$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Rest Stop 1 - Sunday0 NA8:00 AMNone6$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Rest Stop 2 - Sunday0 NA8:30 AMNone15$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Rest Stop 3 - Sunday0 NA10:00 AMNone4$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
SAG Driver - Saturday0 NANo start timeNone10$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
SAG Driver - Sunday0 NANo start timeNone10$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
HAM Communications - Saturday0 NANo start timeNone25$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
HAM Communications - Sunday0 NANo start timeNone25$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Medical Personnel - Saturday0 NANo start timeNone5$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Medical Personnel - Sunday0 NANo start timeNone5$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Onsite Signs - Friday / Sun0 NANo start timeNone2$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Route Signs - Saturday0 NA3:00 PMNone1$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Route Signs - Sunday - already filled0 NA7:00 AMNone4$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Welcome Briefing - Friday0 NA4:30 PMNone1$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Photography - all weekend0 NA4:00 PMNone4$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Accounting Assistants - Already Filled0 NANo start timeNone2$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Drivers - Already Filled0 NANo start timeNone4$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Directors - Already Filled0 NANo start timeNone30$ 0.00EVENT PENDING
Hilly Breakfast - Saturday
Hilly Breakfast - Sunday
Gourmet Dinner
    $ 16.00EVENT PENDING
Sleeping bag space - per person
Tent camping in designated areas - per tent
RV camping - per vehicle - no services
Softstyle Commemorative T-shirt - Unisex
    $ 22.00EVENT PENDING
Tri-Blend Commemorative T-shirt - Ladies Cut
    $ 22.00EVENT PENDING
Commemorative Performance Long Sleeve T-shirt
    $ 35.00EVENT PENDING
Commemorative Jersey - Unisex
    $ 69.00EVENT PENDING
Commemorative Jersey - Ladies Cut
    $ 69.00EVENT PENDING
Softspun Hooded Sweatshirt - Unisex
    $ 45.00EVENT PENDING
Featherweight French Terry Hoody - Ladies Cut
    $ 41.00EVENT PENDING
Waterproof Rain Jacket - Unisex
    $ 69.00EVENT PENDING
Waterproof Rain Jacket - Ladies Cut
    $ 69.00EVENT PENDING
Cycling Socks
    $ 16.00EVENT PENDING
Beanie Hat
    $ 22.00EVENT PENDING
Commemorative Pin    $ 7.00EVENT PENDING
Commemorative Patch    $ 8.00EVENT PENDING
Commemorative Hilly Hundred Decal    $ 3.00EVENT PENDING
Commemorative Package - Pin, Patch, Decal    $ 16.00EVENT PENDING
Event is pending. Check back soon.