Mid America TT Series

Event Information

Old School House Initiative Time Trial

Presented By
Village of West Salem, Ohio 

99 East Buckeye St West Salem, OH 44287 US

Event Start Date
Jul 6, 2019 8:00 AM EST 

Event End Date
Jul 6, 2019 12:00 PM EST 

Registration Starts
May 10, 2019 11:00 AM EST

Registration Ends
Jul 4, 2019 11:00 PM EST  CLOSED 

Event Description

Course length is 40K(25mi) presented as an out and back on rolling terrain of SR 539. Also offered is a 22K route. Starts and ends at Depot St and SR 539.  Major intersections are marshalled. Going under 60 minutes is the gold standard of TT. Come test yourself!

This is the same course the Ohio State Time Trial Championships will held Sat August 3, 2019

All Procees benefit the West Salem Ole School House Fund

Cash prizes to fastest overall male and female riders in 40 K and 22K races.  $10.00 from each male and female rider will be jackpotted respectively. Number of prizes based on number of participants. 

Free T-shirts to all who register prior to June 16, 2019

Event schedule 

·         Pre-register via TrueSport online. See the links on the Schedule page.
·         6:30-7:45 Registration opens.
·         7:45 Mandatory meeting/instructions at the registration tent for all riders.
·         8:01 first rider off (1 minute intervals)
·         Please arrive at the start house a couple minutes prior to your start time.
·         Registration
See the schedule page for online registration links for each race.  Same day registration opens at 6:30am and closes promptly at 7:45am.  The clock starts at 8:00am and the first rider rolls at 8:01am. Registration is located at tent in parking lot.  Riders start TT in order of registration. Cost is $35 per rider, free for juniors. Event runs rain or shine. No USCF license required. Riders under 18 years of age are required to have parent or guardian sign release form. 

Fixed Gear Rules
·         Fixed gear bikes only, no freewheeling single speeds.
·         Must have 1 working rim brake.
·         90 inch gear max.
·         Aero bars are allowed.
·         Aero helmets are allowed.
Standard Class Rules

·         Class is designed for those without a designated time trial bike/other equipment to use in a time trial. The class is designed for basic road bikes without aftermarket speed/aerodynamic enhancements.
·         Standard/stock road bikes, no time trial bikes/frames.
·         Rider can be any age.
·         Standard handlebars, no aero-bars/drop in’s/clip-ons etc.
·         No aero/deep dish wheels . 32 mm maximum rim depth.
·         No after market forks.
·         No aero helmets, shoe covers, or skinsuits.
·         Riders are not allowed to lie on the handlebars in an aero position. Hands must be on handlebars at all times. If seen, you will be disqualified. This is a safety issue, yours and the riders around you.
·         Promoter has final approval over all equipment.

General rules

·         Please be courteous to the people living in the area of start/finish and on the course --all it take is one unfortunate event to ruin it for all of us. We are their guests.
·         Be still and apply your brakes when being held at the start. Your starter will give you a good, healthy push.
·         Remember your number and yell it out at the finish.
·         Keep start and finish areas clear at all times.
·         Please, do not “circle around’ and ask the timers/starters for your time.
·         Be aware of the riders finishing with you; this information may be needed when times are being calculated.
·         Pass other racers on the left, and call out when passing.
·         No drafting.
·         The center line rule is always in effect. At no point in time should a rider cross the center line of the road. It doesn’t matter if there is a yellow line or not. Rider’s that violate this rule are subject to disqualification. For safety’s sake, please ride as far to the right as you are able.
·         Please treat the volunteers with respect. Remember, they are volunteering their time so you can have fun racing. Anyone who argues with, or otherwise mistreats the volunteers faces disqualification and exclusion from future events.
·         Ride smart and ride safe. With few exceptions, the roads are open to traffic. Never trust a corner marshal if your eyes do not agree.
·         We reserve the right to not accept any person’s entry.
·         Be sure to welcome new riders and congratulate those with new Personal Records.
·         Series age will be determined by your age on December 31, 2018.      

Remember, everyone is here to have fun.

Results will be announced as quickly as possible after the last rider completes the event. The results are announced at the registration tent

 CLICK HERE  for a 40k course map.

 CLICK HERE  for a 22k course map.

Category Distance Start Time Prizes Field Limit Fee Add to Cart
Female 17 and under0 NA8:00 AMNone30$ 0.00SALE ENDED
Female 18-290 NA8:00 AMNone30$ 35.00SALE ENDED
Female 30-390 NA8:00 AMNone30$ 35.00SALE ENDED
Female 40-490 NA8:00 AMNone30$ 35.00SALE ENDED
Female 50-590 NA8:00 AMNone30$ 35.00SALE ENDED
Female 60+0 NA8:00 AMNone30$ 35.00SALE ENDED
Female Fixed Gear0 NA8:00 AMNone30$ 35.00SALE ENDED
Female Standard0 NA8:00 AMNone30$ 35.00SALE ENDED
Male 17 and Under0 NA8:00 AMNone30$ 0.00SALE ENDED
Male 18-290 NA8:00 AMNone30$ 35.00SALE ENDED
Male 30-390 NA8:00 AMNone30$ 35.00SALE ENDED
Male 40-490 NA8:00 AMNone30$ 35.00SALE ENDED
Male 50-590 NA8:00 AMNone30$ 35.00SALE ENDED
Male 60+0 NA8:00 AMNone30$ 35.00SALE ENDED
Male Fixed Gear0 NA8:00 AMNone30$ 35.00SALE ENDED
Male Standard0 NA8:00 AMNone30$ 35.00SALE ENDED
Tandem0 NA8:00 AMNone30$ 50.00SALE ENDED
2 person team0 NA8:00 AMNone30$ 50.00SALE ENDED