52nd Annual Hilly HundredMid America TT Series

Event Information


Presented By
Marian University Cycling Team 

Paul J Norman Cycling Center - Marian University 3200 Cold Spring Road Indianapolis, IN 46222 US

Event Start Date
Nov 5, 2018 5:45 PM EST 

Event End Date
Dec 6, 2018 7:15 PM EST 

Registration Starts
Nov 1, 2018 7:00 AM EST

Registration Ends
Nov 11, 2018 11:00 PM EST  CLOSED 

Event Description

Power Booster BASE – 5 weeks (9 classes) - Marian

November 5 – December 6, 2018

Monday/Wednesday: 5:45pm (9 classes - no class day before Thanksgiving)

Tuesday/Thursday: 6:00am, 5:45pm  (9 classes - no classes on Thanksgiving)

ALL classes are 90 minutes long

POWER BOOSTER is an indoor riding and coaching program offered by Marian University Cycling for the Indianapolis community at the Marian University Paul J. Norman Cycling Center, otherwise known as the “wattage cottage." The training series has been preparing Indy-area cyclists over the past 11 years for a full season of training and competition through an established system of workouts that take place inside on Computrainer© units.

The indoor multi-rider set-up allows the riders and coach to monitor, via digital screens, individual power (wattage), speed, distance ridden, caloric expenditure, and other metrics. A small-group setting of eight riders at a time allows coaches to see individual data and hone in on each rider’s specific training needs while riders are coached through designed workouts to build power and form on the bike. The drills and prescribed cycling intervals are designed to increase cycling-specific efficiency, power, and overall output.

POWER BOOSTER is great for those with spring/summer racing goals, triathletes, or those that just want to get into shape and lose some unwanted weight fast and effectively! Power Booster BASE is designed to build a stronger and wider base of endurance and tempo level power on which to build higher level training into the spring of 2019! The series of classes works as a cohesive system to increase power and prepare riders for the summer season through pedal efficiency drills, specific output intervals, and feedback from coaches, who are experienced Marian University cyclists. In the 2019 Build classes, riders gained an average of over 7% lactate functional power- about 20 watts!

 Frequently asked questions

What do I need to bring to class? Yourself, your bike, water/hydration, a hand towel (recommended), and a willingness to ‘go hard’ to achieve the goals of the workout. We also have a changing area and access to showers, if you want to bring casual clothes for after the session. *Please let us know if this is the case. 

Anything special I need to do to my bike for the Computrainers? Yes - if you have a rear through axel, please bring purchase an adapter so that you can use a standard skewer to place your bike in the trainer. You can do this through your local bike shop or on line. We have the steel skewers necessary to mount your bike (although you can use your own) and any road tire will work. Our instructors will help you to set up on the trainer and learn the calibration process. 

How will the classes be structured/will a workout be provided? Each session is structured with a warm-up, pedalling skill section, and intervals, which everyone does together. Each rider does a power test at the beginning of every POWER BOOSTER session and then receives a zone card with power zones so that you can hit your individual targets in each and every part of the workout.

What if I can't do the workout? (Workout is too hard?) We encourage everyone to do his or her best to stay on target with each workout. Every rider has his or her own individual power zones, based on the power test, that guide you to the right amount of output and push you to grow as an athlete. Our instructors will help guide you and encourage you to complete each part of each workout in the correct way.

Can I pick and choose when to come, a la carte style? We ask that you commit to (by signing up for) an entire four or six week session (two workouts per week, Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs) and follow our plan to gain maximum advantage from the POWER BOOSTER plan. While we understand that things come up and you may have to miss a workout, we encourage you to commit to the entire program.

Facebook: Power Booster
Twitter: @wattspot
Contact Power Booster student manager, Hannah McDade at hmcdade197@marian.edu for more information! 


Category Distance Start Time Prizes Field Limit Fee Add to Cart
Mon/Wed 5:45pm - 9 x 90 minute classes NO CLASS 11/21/1890 Min5:45 PMNone8$ 315.00SALE ENDED
Tue/Thur 6:00am - 9 x 90 min classes - NO THANKSGIVING CLASS90 Min6:00 AMNone8$ 315.00SALE ENDED
Tue/Thur 5:45pm - 9 x 90 min classes - NO THANKSGIVING CLASS90 Min5:45 PMNone8$ 315.00SALE ENDED