Mid America TT Series

Indy Cross Paul Ruster Park - Bib Number Assignment List

By: Indy Cross
Posted: Aug 28, 2020


Release forms for each wave will be sorted by assigned bib numbers.  Release forms for Waves 2, 3 & 4 will be available prior to their wave (ie - Wave 2 will be available during the Wave 1 race, and so on).

Please sign your release form (BRING YOUR OWN PEN!!!) and remove your bib number.  Your signed release form shall remain in the plastic bin.

Bib numbers are specific to each wave so if you are entered in multiple events then you will have multiple bib numbers.

We will have a supply of safety pins for bib numbers but we strongly encourage you to bring your own.  If you need safety pins then please wear full finger gloves when picking up your pins.
WAVE 1    
Bib First Name Last Name Team
16 Sean Blyth Lionhearts
40 Aaron Boehman Midwest Devo
41 Adam  Boehman Team Adventures
28 Andrew Boehman Midwest Devo
44 Emelia Brown None
31 ethan brown midwest devo
33 Rowan Child Dogfish Racing
17 Ethan Clements Midwest DEVO
38 Henry Cummings Midwest DEVO
27 Nolan Cummings Midwest DEVO
25 Parker Darby Lionhearts
58 Juliette Dennedy Endurance Sports Development
36 Topher Dolinski Midwest Devo & Dash Racing
51 Olivia Fields Lionhearts Junior Racing
52 Emma Garside MidWest Devo
29 Levi Hall Fort Wayne Outfitters & Bike Depot
15 Jack Helvie MidWest Devo
54 Caroline Illingworth Ignite Racing Team
24 Oliver Jones Team Indiebike p/b IU Health
47 Levi Kenney Midwest Devo
19 Owen  Kenney Midwest Devo
35 Russell Kissel Lionhearts Junior Racing
37 Ryder Mason Midwest Devo
53 Josie Masters Lionhearts Junior Racing
39 Declan McKitrick Lionhearts
20 Patrick Mercer Midwest Devo
48 Henry Nolan Midwest DEVO
32 Adrian Origel Sunset Riders 
45 Aldo Origel Sunset riders 
18 Alfredo  Origel Sunset Riders 
14 Quinn Peconga Midwest Devo
56 Charlotte  Pryor Midwest Devo
57 Ella Pryor Midwest Devo
21 Grady Roberts Midwest DEVO
49 Judd Roberts Midwest DEVO
55 Ava Shipman Midwest Devo
42 Colton Shrieve Midwest Devo
43 Spencer Shrieve Midwest Devo
30 Warner Shrieve Midwest Devo
34 Brenden Shrum MIDWEST DEVO
22 Bryce Shrum MIDWEST DEVO
46 Dylan Skinner Lionhearts
23 Jackson Strutz Midwest Devo
50 Claire Thonnerieux Endurance Sports Development
26 Elliott Thonnerieux Endurance Sports Development
WAVE 2      
Bib First Name Last Name Team
26 Anne Anderson Rapha Cycling Club
25 Elle Artison Dugast
88 Emma Balding Midwest Devo
9 Johnny Balding Ronin Velosport 
89 Sarah Banks nine13sports p/b SingletonCoaching
13 Timothy Banks nine13sports p/b SingletonCoaching
22 Margaret Barawskas J's Bikes Racing
90 Kristina Buckley None
14 Richard Carson Phoenix Fitness & Training
23 jana cates None
5 MICHAEL CATES Wounded Warrior
99 Trenton Cherco None
2 Rowan Child Dogfish Racing
65 Carson Clayton None
74 Alec Clements Midwest DEVO
17 Mitchell Clinkenbeard Team Bicycle Outfitters Indy
59 Calvin Conaway Midwest Devo
83 Blake Dawson Fort Wayne outfitters 
20 Brian Dawson Fort Wayne Outfitters
21 Katie Dolen Team NeighborLink
63 Sam Elliott Midwest Devo
15 Brian Enlow None
64 George Frazier Merlin Metalworks
12 Graeme Gardiner Post Racing
95 Phil Gardner The Post Racing
62 Zach Goodrich Endurance Sports Development
98 Derek Groves Dash Racing
70 Levi Hall Fort Wayne Outfitters & Bike Depot
92 Garrett Johnson Team Bicycle Outfitters Indy
66 Broden Kelly Midwest DEVO
93 Frank Kenney Team Bicycle Outfitters Indy
81 Dahlia Kissel Lionhearts Junior Racing
77 Kaden Koelling Summit Freewheelers Juniors
19 Kurt Koelling Summit Freewheelers
85 Anna Masters Lionhearts Junior Racing
91 Carrie  Masters Lionhearts Junior Racing
16 Joe Mercer None
60 Jesse Minichiello Dash Racing
94 Seth Monholand None
97 Kirt Monk SLF Motion LLC
69 Blake Morgan Midwest Devo
8 David Morgan Midwest Devo
79 Silas Myers Team Logik Jr Development
96 Solomon Myers Endurance Sports Development (Endurance.Dev)
3 Ben Nagel None
80 Zachary Niles Summit Freewheelers Junior Team
18 James Nordloh SRAM 
75 Bill Palmer Midwest Devo
76 Jack Palmer Midwest Devo
78 Andrew Parmelee Midwest DEVO
4 Noah Peconga Midwest Devo Support Crew
6 Philip Pryor None
87 Brooklyn Raddin Endurance Sports - Junior Development Team
10 Winthrop Repenning Midwest Development Cycling Inc. 
11 John-Shoyev Schalk Team Lithko
24 Caroline Shrieve Midwest Devo Support Crew
72 L.J. Shrieve Midwest Devo
82 Brinley Shrum MIDWEST DEVO
7 Seamus Silliman None
68 Anson Sperry Midwest Devo
1 Zachary Stevens CUTTERS
86 Samantha  Taylor Lionhearts Junior Racing
73 Alex Tebbe Midwest Devo
84 Sara Tellez Lionhearts Junior Racing
67 Mitchell  Thonnerieux Endurance Sports Development
71 Patrick Urichich Lionhearts junior racing
61 Gavin Weinstein Endurance Sports - Junior Development Team
WAVE 3      
Bib First Name Last Name Team
646 Ryan Baber None
659 Dennis Barber Bicycle Station
628 Timothy Beirne Schellers Racing Team
627 Bryan Boggs Gray Goat  Masters Team
635 Chris  Bowman Gray Goat Dirt
643 Craig Clayton None
644 Alan Clements None
621 Brett Conaway Midwest Devo Supporter
656 Jim Dennedy Ghiasallo Cycling Team Inc.
633 Bob Downs Dugast
638 Patrick Dunn Team Heroes
660 Tom Elliott Team LOGIK 
645 Nick  Garside Mid West Devo Support Crew
648 Tim Gavin Team Nebo Ridge
626 Ryan Haden Mirror Twin Brewing
650 Scott Hallberg Dash Racing Team
631 Scott Helvie Bicycle Garage Indy
625 Mark Illingworth Queen City Wheels
658 Lee Jackson Team Heroes
636 Dustin Jones Team Indiebike p/b IU Health
637 Frank Kenney Team Bicycle Outfitters Indy
624 Michael  Keppler Speedway Wheelmen
647 Larry Lenne Team Heroes
657 Tom Lewnard Queen City Wheels
655 Jeff Mason None
630 Michael McShane Be Real Sports
641 William Mears Lithko/VO2 Multi-sport Team
623 Mike Minichiello Dash Racing 
620 Marc O'Leary Team Bicycle Outfitters Indy
634 David Palmer Midwest Devo Support Crew 
653 Jeffrey Parmelee RONIN Velosport
662 Ronald Plantz None
622 Weston Schempf SEAVS/Haymarket pb VanDessel
639 Mark Shearing Queen City Wheels
629 Collin Shipman Midwest Devo Support Crew
642 Douglas Shrieve Midwest Devo Support Crew
652 Robert Strobel Team Lithko
640 Jason Tellez Ghisallo Cycling Team
649 Vince Urichich None
654 Chuck Warren Ronin Velosport
661 Robert Westendorf Queen City Wheels
651 Barry Wilham Gray Goat
632 Randy Witte The Bicycle Station
WAVE 4    
Bib First Name Last Name Team
488 Eric Anderson BGI-Trek Masters
480 Zachary Andrews Midwest Development Cycling Inc. 
481 Gus Bratetic Be Real Sports
494 Trenton Cherco None
487 Asa Child Dogfish Racing
479 Henry Conaway Midwest Devo
484 Alex Corby Midwest devo
497 Gabriel Dobrozsi Lionhearts Racing
491 George Frazier Merlin Metalworks
482 Brandon Goodwin Aether Racing
485 Craig Kielbasa Spin Doctor Cyclewerks
496 Alex Kuepper Bicycle Station
492 Ryun Mielke Armada Cycling Team
498 Zachary Niles Summit Freewheelers Junior Team
489 Marc O'Leary Team Bicycle Outfitters Indy
486 Max Palmer Midwest Devo
493 trey shepard Upland cycling
499 Alexa Stierwalt Aether Racing
495 Robert Strobel Lithko Contracting
483 Nicholas Vorwerk Team Dayton
490 Neal Ward Dash Racing