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In the (Feed)Zone - All About Anything other than Bike Racing

By: Mark Swartzendruber
Posted: Jul 14, 2015


One of my favorite bands – The Foo Fighters have a song on their In Your Honor album goes by the name of Miracle. You can view several version on the You Tubes if you care. I’d suggest you do. I’ve been thinking about that song a lot lately as I get old enough to reflect back on a life of wasted opportunity, genius strokes of luck, perseverance, some damn hard work along with brutal disappointments, complete fuck ups and good fortune beyond my wildest conjecture. In short, a life well lived.

Back when I last communicated via the (Feed)Zone I indicated plans to lay low until the Prairie State Cycling Series aka Intelligentsia Cup which for the most part I’ve done. Quietly training, maintaining strength, fitness and such. As evidenced by the only event I’ve done in the interim – the Scarlet Fire Racing 30k time trial on June 20 I’m capable of going fast again. I did the 30k sub 40 minutes at 39:40 with an average speed of 28 mph which given my advanced age and lack of competition is still a speed that contends for a podium spot at masters natz.

TLK and I have made great progress rehabbing the dump we purchased on a frozen lake in Wisconsin.
I got a shower pan started.
I hung nearly all the drywall.
I bashed my thumb real good.
I got another beautiful grand daughter.
I powered up to the top of a mountain (Manitou Incline) with my only begotten son.
Built some awesome ceilings at the dump on a frozen lake.
Built some awesome ceilings at the dump on a frozen lake.
Now, this last part – the bursitis. This sort of pissed me off. Aware going into the season that time available for racing would be extremely limited, I marked off the Intelligentsia Cup as one of two season objectives for which to be primed and ready. The other being the IL state time trial in August. So, the timing on this bursitis couldn’t be worse as it forced me to miss a week of training in perfect weather while in Wisconsin. A week in which I intended to accumulate 300+ miles. Instead, after having the knee drained and injected with a steroid, I’m in a 2 week mandatory rest period in order to keep the bursitis from flaring up again. So – no Intelligentsia Cup. 90% of my limited bike racing season training build up and schedule vanished, gone, poof, good bye and thanks for playing.

An aside that augmented the pissed offedness about this whole affair: I posted the above photo of my knee on the Facebooks and noted that I was going to go to the IL Bone and Joint Institute walk in clinic the next day and get it taken care of. Then, one of my friends, Jostein the Mad Viking - a fireman and EMT, told me that if the lump is warm to the touch and red, it could be an infection of the bursa, and he had a staph infection with bursitis that got into his knee and he almost had to have his leg amputated so I should go to the ER rather than waiting overnight as every hour is critical when it comes to staph.

Sufficiently freaked out – I left at 4:30 for the ER at the hospital TLK and I go to in nearby Park Ridge, IL to get a culture taken. I actually got triaged, registered and into a bed inside of 40 minutes but then with intermittent visits by two different doctors and a nurse I was able to watch the entire replay of the Team Time Trial stage of the TDF and some Best of Chicago food shows and the 10:00 news before they came in and drained the fluid, gave me the steroid shot and sent the fluid to the lab for testing – which I had to wait for before leaving. Finally at 11:00 pm I was given the happy news that I didn’t have staph and didn’t need to have my leg amputated.

When I got home, Ti$za the White Lab, who normally eats her supper at 6:00 but is hungry at 5:00 looked at me with hollow eyes, a distended belly and flies buzzing around landing on her eyelids and she without the energy to even bat them away said weakly “Where the fuck have you been? I’m starving!” So, I hit her with a rolled up newspaper and told her to stop complaining because I have REAL problems. I can’t race the one week of the year I’d targeted. Then I unloaded on her all of my complaints about the slow ER and how I wasted my time and should have just waited to go to the Ortho Care walk in clinic tomorrow and the bad luck and poor timing of getting bursitis right when I can least afford it and how fit and ready to race I was… then she looked at me with soft watery eyes after she devoured her kibble and said “Really? You can take your First World Problems and go fuck yourself”. Ti$za, much like TLK doesn’t mince words, which I is why I love and appreciate her.
Listen up real good: In a day and age when we find Masters Bike racers, who have never been professionals in this sport or any other are dosing themselves with testosterone and HGH, doing Low-T therapy whether they need it or not, knowing it’s banned but still racing and who knows whatever else in order to gain an upper hand at the local parking lot crit with a $250 prize list, I’m gonna step back and remember I’ve got my hands on a Miracle, Believe it or not, Hands on a Miracle and there ain’t no way that you’ll take it away.

Yeah, I’m disappointed I can’t do the racing this upcoming week. I’ve looked forward to it, trained for it and I hope a bunch of you decide to go race. Marco and the guys do a great job putting the series together. But will I let it cause me to lose sight of all the really remarkable stuff in my life that isn’t about bike racing?

What do you think?
Take care, be well and do good. If I’m healthy enough to race the IL State TT I may or may not write, but either way I’ll be fine.

Druber Out.