In the (Feed)Zone - More About My Foreign Adventures in Iowa

Posted: Sep 17, 2011

Shortly after this photo was taken, Druber tossed back two shots of the towns` namesake Templeton Rye Whiskey with three slices of hormone free bacon. It`s the RAGBRAI way.
Let us define some terms: FRED: n. Any cyclist typically wearing a pro team kit or a generic kit that is fashioned to look as if it from a European pro team. The Fred is found at group rides. The Fred seldom rides alone as his entire existence in cycling is ego driven and social in nature. The Fred rides expensive gear, shaves his legs and is at all times immaculately dressed. The Fred seldom races, if ever due to the fact that getting blown off the back of a Cat 5 race would do irreparable harm to the carefully crafted image the Fred has built. Thus, the Fred carefully chooses the group rides with old men, house wives and very large people on hybrid bikes because to such riders, the Fred is `fast`. On rare occasions, when he feels safety in large numbers, the Fred will assume that all riders on his group ride are his lesser, and it is at this point that the Fred becomes an annoyingly cocky bastard despite a lack of credentials. HUBBARD: n. Origination of the word is Australian, adapted here for clarification. The Hubbard is a club cycling enthusiast. Like the Fred, the Hubbard views cycling as an entirely social venture and is seldom seen riding alone. However, unlike the Fred, the Hubbard is very rarely ever seen on high end racing bikes. The Hubbard makes no pretense of speed. The Hubbard wears clothing that is either two sizes too large