Team Type 1 - SANOFI Update: Tour of China Stage 5

Posted: Sep 15, 2011

Verschoor top 10 in a photo finish on flat stage to Guang'an at the Tour of China Team Type 1 - SANOFI rider Martijn Verschoor squeezed into the finish line on Thursday, lining up in a dead heat with three other athletes to find himself in the top 10 and just millimeters off the podium in stage five of the Tour of China. Verschoor, from the Netherlands, said Thursday's result in the flat, 144km stage that began in Suining was an improvement after Wednesday and came about thanks to hard work by his teammates in the early part of the race. "The third, fourth, fifth and sixth riders in the sprint were all on the same line, and it took a photo finish to show the results. After yesterday's mistake it was a good change today," Verschoor said. On Wednesday Verschoor found himself pinned to the barriers in the final two hundred meters, and missed the sprint entirely. With teammates Joe Eldridge and Fabio Calabria working to chase down an early breakaway on Thursday, Verschoor could concentrate on preserving his strength for the finish and position himself closer to the front of the pack. "The breakaway of four riders got out to about four minutes, so Fabio and Joe worked for most of the day at the front. We caught them before the finish, I came in sixth in the sprint," Verschoor said. Team Type 1 - SANOFI riders Vladimir Efimkin and Joey Rosskopf finished in the front group, losing no time in the stage, with Efimkin holding on to his top 10 spot in the overall classification. Verschoor, Calabria and Eldridge all have type 1 diabetes, and must monitor their blood glucose levels continuously and periodically take insulin to control the disease. "It was a good day, and my BG was perfect. We have had good weather and are staying in a beautiful, brand new five-star hotel tonight," said Verschoor, who began stage five at 230, raced around 220, and measured 170 at the finish. Calabria, who took one unit of insulin at the start after measuring a pre-race BG at 300, showed 250 at the end, while Eldridge, who has been mildly ill with intestinal distress for three days, started at 210 and finished at 150.