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Bonk Breaker Releases New Apple Pie Energy Bar

By: TrueSport.com
Posted: Nov 11, 2011


Dig deep with Bonk Breaker Apple Pie Energy bar`s 8th flavor contains the super food chia seed; Sponsoring Kenda 5-hour Energy Pro Cycling and pro triathletes Angela Naeth and Joe Thorne While Bonk Breaker can`t claim that eating their new apple pie energy bars will help keep the doctor away, the addition of super food chia seed to the all-natural ingredients certainly bolsters their case. In development for the past six months, the eighth Bonk Breaker flavor arrives in the peak of autumn, providing athletes and anyone in search of a nutritious snack a cool and refreshing, warm and comforting energy bar free from gluten, dairy and soy. `The feedback that we received from Facebook and our Team Bonk Breaker athletes urged us to create a bar with apples. The numerous health benefits of the added chia seed, which is the world`s richest source of Omega-3 fatty acids as well as an excellent source of calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, niacin, fiber and antioxidants, makes for a super food Bonk Breaker. Welcome to the new era of cutting-edge nutrition,` declared Bonk Breaker founder Jason Winn. Adding to their roster of World Champions, Olympians and professional athletes and teams that they fuel, Bonk Breaker will sponsor Kenda 5-hour Energy Pro Cycling in 2012 and will enhance their presence in the world of triathlon by sponsoring professional triathletes Joe Thorne and Angela Naeth. Bonk Breaker`s co-owner Chris Frank said, `The incredible support and feedback we receive from our community of Team Bonk Breaker athletes has been invaluable, and we`re thrilled to grow our squad as a complement to the tremendous growth we`ve experienced as a company.` A powerhouse domestic squad that competes in the biggest races held on U.S. soil, including the Tour of California, Kenda 5-hour Energy Pro Cycling possesses a talented international lineup capable of winning on any given day. The team`s director sportif Frankie Andreu said, `Bonk Breaker`s peanut butter & jelly bar is fantastic. It's easy to eat on the move, moist, and packed with energy. It's like a power boost with each bite." Veteran rider Chad Hartley added, `There is nothing worse than cracking open a bar in the middle of a hot ride to find a dry, tasteless, hard chunk of cardboard. Bonk Breakers are always soft and light, extra tasty, and best of all, you don`t need to drink half of a bottle to wash them down. The way I can tell a bar is really good is if I eat them off the bike. I make peanut butter & jelly sandwiches using PB&J Bonk Breakers.` Canadian Naeth won four 70.3 distance triathlons this year and finished on the podium at three others. "Bonk Breaker is the first energy bar I have used that has the perfect nutritional balance for the demands of training and competition alike. The bars have amazing flavors, are gluten-free, and are incredibly easy to eat and digest. I love that Bonk Breaker really wants and uses my feedback, and I couldn't be more excited about working with such a fast-growing team," enthused Naeth, a pro since 2008 who attended the University of Missouri on a full athletic scholarship. A two-time All-American runner at the University of Texas prior to discovering triathlon, Thorne stated, `I love Bonk Breaker for a few reasons. The bars are made by athletes for athletes. They are nutritionally-packed and also delicious, which is a unique pairing these days. It seems sports nutrition is either one or the other, but not both so to have great tasting bars with optimal nutrition is the best combination any person could wish for - especially if you are an athlete.` Baked fresh from all-natural ingredients, all eight Bonk Breaker flavors are gluten-free and dairy-free. Earlier this year, the company successfully introduced the espresso chip and blueberry oat bars, the latter of which utilizes the same oat base as the apple pie bar. Additional flavors will soon be announced. For more information, please visit www.bonkbreaker.com.