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Riders to Watch: Jon Hamblen

By: news@racelistings.com
Posted: Jun 26, 2002

Jon Hamblen (Wheeleworks/Cannondale) in action. Photo credit: Paul Weiss / www.paulweiss.bz.
Tell us about your background in cycling. I started racing in 1990, my cousin Dave got me into it. My first race was in Virginia, Kevin Monahan was there with the Junior National Champion jersey on, he won. I sucked for the first two years and then got better slowly. When I was 19 I signed with the Pro/Am Richbrau team, then rode with Snow Valley the following year, then Axis, then Navigators. It was a steady progression until I hit the ceiling on Navigators, that was as good as I got. I have that form again now on Wheelworks/Cannondale though, I think. You were on a roll in June and you won a road race almost every weekend. Were you surprised at your recent form? Not at all, I've been training very well and things are falling into place just as I'd planned. Hopefully I can keep on track for the rest of the year. What are your goals for the rest of the season? Kick some Pro ass, I would like one of my teammates or me to win a stage at 'Toona and take home some of the money there. Wheelworks/Cannondale is going to be a threat to any team this summer. I might go to Nationals and help my teammates Jon Page or Matt Svatek win. You spent two season on the Navigators Pro Team. What was that experience like? It was fun until I got anemic and started to suck in 2000. I learned a lot from those guys, especially Todd Littlehales, Paul Martin and Trent Klasna. I don't miss all the travel though, that was difficult, I hated flying in to some city for a one day crit. It's much more relaxed on Wheelworks/Cannondale. You are originally from Virginia but you spend most of the time racing in New England. What do you think of the New England race scene? Oh, the racing up here is great. Good people, fun courses, and we have awesome race offcials. The only thing I don't like is racing in 40-50 degree weather in May. What do you like best about cycling? Being in great shape and hanging out with my friends all weekend. What do you like least? Training in the winter, yuck. What are your long term goals in cycling? Win enough money to pay for repairs on my '91 Galant VR4. No, I don't know, go Pro again maybe. We'll see how things pan out. I'd like to be in the sport for a long time, one way or another. Running a team would be fun. You have great results in road races, stage races and criteriums. What discipline would you like to improve?
Jon Hamblen (Wheeleworks/Cannondale) in action. Photo credit: Paul Weiss / www.paulweiss.bz.
Sprinting, I'm so slow. Never get behind me in a sprint! Cyclocross too, I have no skills but it's really fun. What is your favorite race? That's a tough one, pretty much every race in New England is great. Maybe Yarmouth (any race in Maine, really), I liked Killington a lot, Fitchburg is good. Jon Hamblen Bio: Birthdate: 11/26/75 Born: Fairfax, VA Resides: Deerfield, NH Current Team: Wheelworks/Cannondale Maximum HR: 192 or so Resting HR: 50ish Watts/KG: I've been known to put out over 150 watts. I don't know really, probably less than most people but I'm small. Height: 5'8", unless you ask Cori Book then I'm 5'7" Weight: 133ish Do you have a full-time coach?: Yes, Donny Mills from PCS. Do you train with a hear rate monitor?: Sometimes, usually just in the early season. Favorite Food: Indain food, right now at least. I cook curried chicken a lot, vindaloo, lentils. Favorite Book: Breakfast of Champions, though I haven't read it in almost ten years, it was so funny. Favorite Type of Music: all kinds, depends on my mood, been into the Snatch soundtrack lately.
Jon Hamblen (Wheeleworks/Cannondale) in action. Photo credit: Paul Weiss / www.paulweiss.bz.