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Shamrock Criterium

Newport News, VA

April 10, 2005

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Richmond cyclists rode well in the Shamrock Criterium last Sunday at Newport News’ Todd Stadium. In all the events, local teams put six riders on the podium (top three).

“We’re happy that Richmond Ciclismo landed 3 riders on podiums in 3 different races,” Ciclismo’s Joe Notarnicola said of his team’s performance. “Equally important, all of our riders, throughout all of our squads, looked great.” Notarnicola said the success in the races was a team effort. Strategy and communication with each squad help in that success. “In all races, we looked like squads that had practiced together and working as a team. This made our team a factor in all the races,” he said. “As a whole, Richmond Ciclismo was noticed at Shamrock yesterday.” The “D” shaped course, around Todd Stadium, created fast racing. Most team strategies forced the pace even faster.

Team CSK/ Central Virginia Cycling Club’s Leigh Carter said this is the type of racing that makes cycling fun. “Team CSK was represented in every move,” Carter said. “In a race like this you have to be ready to take advantage of whatever has been dealt.”

Team Cobblestone showed its strength in the elite category 1 and 2 race and the category 3 race. Cobblestone’s Bill Malone placed fifth in the day’s premier race.

Snow Valley’s Cam Holland won that race. Snow Valley has become the team to watch. “If those two weren't in a move, most of the time you could let it go,” said Ciclismo’s Matt Forbes of Snow Valley’s Holland and Jon Wirsing. “You have to be a bit selective as to what you chase down. It's better to be ready to hop on the strong attacks from the strongest riders than to cover every single attack.”

Many of the cyclists took the opportunity to race more than once that day. Ciclismo’s Stephen Selby won the 30+ age group then he raced again in the premier race.

Snow Valley’s Nancy Jadatz won the women’s category 1, 2 and 3 race. That race was combined with the women’s category 4 race. Early in the race, four women were dropped from the main field. As the pack pulled away, the four regained their composure, took turns at the front and bridged the gap. “The field got away from us in that windy back stretch,” said Ciclismo’s Ann Hardy. “It took a lap to get everyone together. We stayed tight in a constant rotation for 2 laps until we caught the field. I was able to sit-in comfortably until the last lap.”

Once back in the field, Hardy and team-mate Sally Snead used coded phrases to communicate how they feel and how they should work together. Snead placed third and Hardy placed sixth.

Ciclismo’s David Anderson accurately described his day of racing the category 4 race in one word.


Anderson, with team-mate Matt Kleiman and four other riders, broke away from an already fast pack to lap the field. With one lap to go, Anderson slammed hard into the road and skidded into the grass. Being a lap ahead came in handy, Anderson placed sixth. Kleiman moved through the pack, after the crash, and sprinted for third.

“We were off from the gun with early attacks from Matt Marchal,” Kleiman said. Other designated members woke up the pace whenever it lulled. Stratton Delany and Mark Saunders kept watch over anyone who tried to bridge to the break. Saunders opted for this race instead of racing as a junior. He placed 16th.

Ciclismo members spent their last race in the developmental category 5 event racing like they have had years of experience. Bob Haufler opened the race with an individual break that lasted for three laps.
I had been frustrated watching Tony (Hall) do all the heavy lifting in all the races so far, to either barely win, or to just barely not to - knowing that if he had stronger mates, it would help him a lot,” said Haufler. “I figured this is probably the last Cat 5 race for most of us, I was hoping that this would be a good effort.

“Remembering my brief chat with Terry Ashby, I kept some gas in the tank so that I would remain strong when I got caught. After that, I was determined that nobody was getting off the front, except somebody wearing yellow,” he said. “Scott Sheble pulled a lap, Jed Hurt got off the front for a bit - everybody contributed.”

“Somewhere around 8 laps or so to go, Jed (Hurt) put in a big attack, staying of the front for a little over a lap. With all the work those guys did, I was able to just sit hidden mid pack most of the race,” Hall said. That was important because a week ago in Tyson Corner, Hall rode hard with every break except the one on the last lap. “Nick Johnson was calling out the split each time around, and each time I gained 5 seconds,” Hall said. “That was a great feeling, hearing the split go up each lap.”

Concentrating hard, he put every bit of energy into the solo, Hall said he remembers seeing a team-mate cheering him on with his index finger pointed up.

One to go? Hall wasn’t sure and hammered his victory lap.

“I wasn’t sure I heard the bell for the final lap or not,” Hall said. “I guess I heard ‘one to go’ when he really said, ‘way to go.’”


Juniors 10-14
7. Zoe Haufler - Richmond Ciclismo

Juniors 15-18
13. J.R. Miller - Conte's/Cycor

5. David Swager - Team Cobblestone

9. Brad Lang - Team Cobblestone
14. James Revere - Team Cobblestone

1. Stephen Selby - Richmond Ciclismo
9. Matt Forbes - Richmond Ciclismo
10. Rob Suydam - Virginia Beach Velo
16. John Schindler - Richmond Ciclismo
17. Dan King - 3 Sports

Women 1, 2, 3
1. Nancy Jadatz - Snow Valley

Women 4
3. Sally Snead- Richmond Ciclismo
6. Ann Hardy - Richmond Ciclismo
8. Susan Revere - Team Cobblestone

Women 40+
3. Karen Hanson – Conte’s/Cycor

Senior 1, 2, 3
1. Cam Holland - Snow Valley
5. Bill Malone - Team Cobblestone
6. Charles Goble - Team Cobblestone
8. John Gaudio - Richmond Ciclismo
9. Jon Hansen - Richmond Ciclismo
11. John Schindler - Richmond Ciclismo
12. Hawker Dawes - Team Cobblestone
13. Matt Forbes - Richmond Ciclismo
14. Mason Haymes - Team CSK/CVCC
19. Jeff Hackett - Team CSK/CVCC
20. Denis Rainear – Team CSK/CVCC

Senior 3
3. Charles Goble - Team Cobblesone
5. Terry Ashby - Richmond Ciclismo
6. Bill Malone - Team Cobblesone
9. Hawker Dawes - Team Cobblesone
10. Andy Lupo - Team Cobblesone
12. Keck Baker - Team CSK/CVCC
13. John Gaudio - Richmond Ciclismo

Senior 4
3. Matt Klieman - Richmond Ciclismo
6. David Anderson - Richmond Ciclismo
9. Nick Blend - Team Cobblestone
16. Mark Saunders- Richmond Ciclismo

Senior 5
1. Anthony Hall - Richmond Ciclismo
11. Tim Reams - 3 Sports
15. Bob Haufler - Richmond Ciclismo
16. Jed Hurt - Richmond Ciclismo
19. Scott Sheble - Richmond Ciclismo

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