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BC Superweek

Vancouver, BC

July 15-24, 2005
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Photos © Greg Descantes

Tour de Delta White Spot Road Race

With more than 200 victories around the world, there aren't a lot of places for Canadian cycling legend Gord Fraser to pick up a first win. The Ottawa native found one Sunday.

Fraser, 36, edged out both North Vancouver-resident Kirk O'Bee and Health Net teammate Tyler Farrar in a pack sprint to the finish line to win the fifth annual Tour de Delta's White Spot Road Race. After 140 kilometres of racing, the top three all finished within half a bike length of each other, with a huge pack nipping closely at their back wheels.

"I always like to add individual races I've never won before," said Fraser, a three-time Olympian and 2004 Canadian road champion. "I like to get one more before I quit the sport. It's always good to win, I don't care how old you are, it always feels good."

With more than 80 of the 158 starting riders still in the main pack through the final lap, Fraser said he was initially just trying to lead Farrar into the final turn and give his 21-year-old teammate a chance to defend the Tour de Delta road race title he won last year. When he couldn't see Farrar on his back wheel, he decided to go after it himself.

"I figured I had to fend for myself and make sure one of us wins," said Fraser. "Tyler is going to win a lot more races bigger than this in the future and he's going to be doing the big tour while I'm working at a desk somewhere so I'm glad to be his teammate when I can."

The pack stayed intact through four and a half laps around the 7.9-kilometer North Delta route and, somewhat surprisingly, through the flats of Delta, over Highway 99 and into Tsawwassen for 10 laps of 7.8-kilometer track through and around town.

It wasn't until the final four laps that a breakaway group of 10 riders started to pull away. A few riders fell off the back, but by the next lap the chase group had bridged the break and the pack was again intact.

"It was pretty uncharacteristic," said Fraser. "Usually there's enough cross wind to really split it up but there wasn't that much wind so it was easy to sit in a bunch."

Things pretty much stayed that way until the final sprint. Despite falling off in the final corner, Farrar, who also won the Brenco Hill Climb Friday night and the Lehigh criterium last year, still managed to climb back for third.

"I was sitting good coming into the last turn, sitting on Gord's wheel feeling very confident and then I got taken off a little bit," said Farrar, who was also second at last year's Tour de Gastown and is the reigning US Under-23 champion for criteriums and road races.

"At least Gord was able to see what was going on and win the stage." To do it, Fraser had to first pass O'Bee, who was coming off an impressive sprint win of Saturday's Lehigh Criterium in Ladner.

"I've got a real bad habit of going too early in sprints," said O'Bee, riding as part of a five-man Navigators Insurance team. "I misjudged it and left it 20 metres short for Gord. He¹s one of the best sprinters in the world, he makes living off field sprints so it¹s not too bad coming second to him, but I hate coming up second."

O'Bee, a Michigan native and past US criterium champion who has called the area home with his young family for the last three years, still claimed the Omnium as overall winner of a three-event Tour de Delta he labeled a "sort-of hometown" race.

"It's about as local as I can get for racing to home," added O'Bee, 28. Despite missing out on the Omnium, the first-and-third Health Net finish in the road race helped ease Fraser and Farrar¹s minds after completely missing out on an early break in the criterium Saturday night, a rare mistake that made for a long night.

"It makes us feel better for our screw up last night," said Fraser. "We were pretty dark last night and then we watched Apocalypse Now, so we were really dark last night. It's not very often I miss a boat like that. We wanted to come back strong and take this one."

Talented up-and-comer Christian Meier provided a much-needed highlight for B.C.-based Symmetrics Cycling team by winning King of the Mountain, which is given out to the rider who racks up the most points by finishing in the top three of each lap. His Symmetrics teammate Andrew Pinfold won the men¹s Best of B.C. award.

There was a lot less suspense when it came to deciding top spot in the 85-kilomtre women's race, which started on the Tsawwasssen circuit and consisted of 11 laps.

Two-time Canadian Olympian and Commonwealth Games gold medalist Lyne Bessette of Quebec went hard on the second lap trying to secure Queen of the Mountains point, awarded to the top-3 riders in each lap, and ended up staying out front the entire race, building up a lead of three and a half minutes at the midway point.

"I was basically going for the money so I went for the Queen of the Mountain on the second lap and just kept going," said Bessette, a former Canadian road and time trial champion who also finished third in the Brenco Hill Climb on Friday night. "The first three laps I went hard to open a gap, then settled into a pace: hard enough but not killing me."

"I think they did try to chase for a little bit and then they gave up." Long after Bessette coasted through the finish line, defending Tour de Delta Road Race champion Sarah Uhl of Quark Cycling emerged from the chase group, winning a pack sprint to the finish to claim second place. After winning both the Brenco Hill Climb Friday night and Lehigh Criterium Saturday night, it was enough to give Uhl her second straight Tour de Delta Omnium (overall title), just ahead of Victoria¹s Gina Grain and Bessette.

Grain, riding for Victory Brewing, was right behind Uhl in the sprint to the finish line, matching her third-place criterium finish the night before to finish second overall and claim the Best of B.C. title for the women.

"It was really intimidating when Lyne's gap got so big right away," said Uhl, who was a teammate of Bessette¹s on Quark last year. "It's a big gap and it's intimidating with a world-class rider up the road. I knew I still had to place fairly high to keep the overall if Lyne won so that made me think on the hill Okay, I can't get dropped."

That didn't seem likely for Uhl, a former World Junior Match Sprint champion who has won four of six Tour de Delta events the last two years. Uhl was also second in Gastown last year and is recognized as one of the fastest sprinters in women¹s cycling.

Bessette made sure it wouldn't come down to a sprint by attacking early. "Sarah had already won the overall so she had no reason to chase," Bessette said.

Bessette can relate. After competing in the 2004 summer Olympics in Athens, she's just wrapping up what she called a "down year." Instead of racing with the top pro teams, the 29-year-old is riding for a local Quebec team, Sports Experts - Louis Garneau. She¹s been riding her favorite races and staying closer to home, and only entered the BC Superweek because she was already out west for Nationals in Kamloops earlier this summer and husband Tim Johnson is here as part of the seven-rider Jittery Joes ­Kalahari team. Now, after winning the Tour de Delta, she's gearing up again.

"My goal is Commonwealth Games in Australia in March," she said. The Tour de Delta was the first stop in BC Superweek, a three-event series over 10 days that also includes the Tour de Gastown Wednesday and Tour de White Rock, July 22-24.



POS # Last Name First Name UCI_Code Team Name Hometown Time
1 1 Fraser Gord CAN19681119 Health Net Ottawa ON 3:17:20
2 12 OBee Kirk USA19770409 Navigators Insurance Cycling Team North Vancouver BC "
3 2 Farrar Tyler USA19840602 Health Net Wenatchee WA "
4 21 Pinfold Andrew CAN19780814 Symmetrics Cycling Woodbridge ON "
5 76 Bowker Richard NZL19820423 ItalPasta Aukland NZ "
6 155 Garcia Luis CRC19811107 Costa Rica Alajuela Costa Rica "
7 10 Camponogara Siro ITA19770524 Navigators Insurance Cycling Team San Bonificio Italy "
8 50 Elken Evan USA19770217 Jittery Joe's-Kalahari Portland OR "
9 61 Taylor Zachary USA19860527 TIAA-CREF Marietta GA "
10 6 Richter David USA19700619 Subway Seattle WA "
11 9 Davidenko Vassili RUS19700317 Navigators Insurance Cycling Team Mt Arlington "
12 56 Nankervis Tommy AUS19830121 Wentings Cycle Melbourne Austrailia "
13 88 Nikolz Chad bo179186 Benaroya Research Institiute Seattle WA "
14 19 Lange Cory CAN19800211 Symmetrics Cycling Vancouver BC "
15 35 Minichiello Richard CAN19681109 TREK - Red Truck Ale Ottawa ON "
16 77 Crichton Brandon CAN19850222 ItalPasta Burlington ON "
17 24 Tuft Svein CAN19770509 Symmetrics Cycling Langley BC "
18 78 Hansen Jeff CAN19700818 ItalPasta Mississauga ON "
19 48 Hopkins Jeff AUS19790921 Jittery Joe's-Kalahari Blacktown NS "
20 4 Hughes Cameron AUS19720722 Subway Scotts Head Australia "
21 104 Sherstobitoff Tim CAN19840905 Kelowna Cycle Kelowna BC "
22 65 Peterson Tom USA1986 Broadmark Capital Snoqualmie Falls WA "
23 129 White Garth CAN19860620 TREK - Red Truck Ale Comox BC "
24 43 Rowe Nicholas CAN19800610 SG / Espoirs de Laval - TTN Victoria BC "
25 15 Erker Jacob CAN19751222 Symmetrics Cycling Calgary AB "
26 84 Zimich Larry CAN19650317 Team Coastal North Vancouver BC "
27 47 Edwards Andy AUS19800623 GS Ciao Sydney Australia "
28 106 Sturm Sven GER19690902 Organic Athlete Victoria Bielefeld in Westfalia Germany "
29 115 Friesen Nick CAN19800302 The Bike Shop Red Deer AB "
30 68 Fischer Andrew USA19810712 Broadmark Capital Missoula MT "
31 138 Fluckiger Jason CAN19760722 Bayside Cycling Club White Rock BC "
32 127 Nichols Ezra CAN19740831 Organic Ahtlete Victoria Victoria BC "
33 83 Faulkner Nat CAN19780922 ItalPasta Bracebridge ON "
34 139 Bunnin Shawn CAN19831018 Team Saskatchewan / Spoke n Sport Saskatoon SK "
35 82 Sanowar Peter CAN19810331 ItalPasta Sudbury ON "
36 69 MacBurnie Dustin CAN19820825 Broadmark Capital Truro NS "
37 79 Issac Chris CAN19830930 ItalPasta Bradford ON "
38 131 De gier Craig CAN19840318 Cyclesmith CC Lower Sackville NS "
39 97 Grimmett Mark CAN19741220 Wenting's Cycles Charlottetown PEI "
40 96 James Josh CAN19861225 TREK - Red Truck Ale Vancouver BC "
41 117 Manning Ian CAN19860923 BikeSports - Pfaff Racing Team Holland Landing ON "
42 14 Cooper Marsh CAN19850822 Symmetrics Cycling Aldergrove BC "
43 18 Wohlberg Eric CAN19650108 Symmetrics Cycling Sudbury ON "
44 44 Heithecker Troy 194859 Benaroya Research Institute Seattle WA "
46 37 Garland Zack CAN19860213 N/A St John's NL "
47 20 Meier Christian CAN19850221 Symmetrics Cycling Sussex NB "
48 52 Wilcox Craig USA19840718 Jittery Joe's-Kalahari Albany OR "
49 51 Sundt Jonny USA19740320 Jittery Joe's-Kalahari Redmond WA "
50 121 Nelson Brian 207934 Momentum sports/Inewmed Spokane WA "
51 41 Bonin Matthew CAN19811115 Whole Foods LaSalle QC "
52 57 Davis Justin AUS19721222 Wentings Cycle Melbourne Austrailia "
53 154 Carasco Nieves CRC19790524 Costa Rica San Jose Costa Rica "
54 58 Howard Mark AUS19740401 Wentings Cycle Melbourne Austrailia "
55 8 McKenzie Ryan CAN19830531 Subway Calgary AB "
56 153 Araya Pablo CRC19790205 Costa Rica Muelle San Carlos Costa Rica "
57 16 Fairall Bradley CAN19850319 Symmetrics Cycling Johannesburg SA "
58 45 Stark Keith CAN19750108 Rocky Mountain - Business Objects North Vancouver BC "
59 92 Abercrombie Tim CAN19780914 Escape Velocity / DEVO New Westminster BC "
60 25 Van Velzen Min CAN19750519 Symmetrics Cycling Burnaby BC "
61 103 Carter Murray CAN18820312 Ride With Rendall Ste. Anne MB "
62 80 Maggiacomo Daniel CAN19740524 ItalPasta Dundas ON "
63 146 Issel Brad CAN19720203 TREK - Red Truck Ale White Rock BC "
64 147 Tuckerman Aaron NZL19830907 Team Rubicon New Zealand "
65 158 White Chris CAN19680214 TREK - Red Truck Ale Tsawwassen BC "
66 23 Sherstobitoff Jeff CAN19820617 Symmetrics Cycling Kelowna BC "
67 22 Routley Will CAN19830523 Symmetrics Cycling Whistler BC "
68 111 Waugh Damien CAN19800515 Rocky Mountain Bicycles / Adobe Burnaby BC "
69 31 Savage Shane CAN19751221 Rocky Mountain Bicycles / Adobe Vancouver BC "
70 150 Guenette Jordan CAN19811022 Rocky Mountain Bicycles / Adobe Edmonton AB "
71 46 Brennan Chris USA19721221 Team Rio Grande Queens NY "
72 101 Buscombe Donald CAN19650914 Rocky Mountain Bicycles / Adobe Vancouver BC "
73 13 Zajicek Phil USA19790320 Navigators Insurance Cycling Team Tucson AZ 3:17:57
74 11 Clarke Hilton AUS19790711 Navigators Insurance Cycling Team Melbourne Australia "
75 63 Noiles Kevin CAN19800313 Escape Velocity / DEVO Lr. Sackville NS 3:18:06
76 60 Grabowski Zak USA19850226 TIAA-CREF Lafayette CO 3:18:39
77 54 Langlois Bruno CAN19790301 Jittery Joe's-Kalahari 3:18:41
78 66 Neyens Dan USA19850403 Broadmark Capital Seattle WA 3:18:54
79 105 Sparling Jamie CAN19841228 Bicisport Calgary Calgary AB "
80 116 Adamson Shaun CAN19860327 United Cycle Edmonton AB 3:19:46
81 112 Connor Trevor CAN19710627 Chris Cookies/Swan Cycles Toronto ON 3:20:08
82 64 Campbell Robert USA19700617 The Valley Athletic Club Olympia WA 3:21:50
83 27 Slater Scott CAN19791220 Rocky Mountain Bicycles / Adobe West Vancouver BC 3:22:50
84 94 Slater Brad CAN19791220 Rocky Mountain Bicycles / Adobe West Vancouver BC "
85 38 McMaster Derek CAN19810829 Team Coastal Moose Jaw SK 3:25:10
86 130 Collins Jesse James CAN19740802 BiciSport Calgary AB 3:26:00
87 29 Worsfold Maurice CAN19681011 Bayside Cycling Club White Rock BC "
88 95 Jendzjowsky Nicholas CAN19820630 Pedalhead Roadworks/Sleemans Edmonton AB 3:27:11
89 59 Brown Scott AUS19801230 Wentings Cycle Melbourne Austrailia "
90 109 Bergman Axel CAN19740810 Team Organic Victoria Vancouver BC "
dnf 5 Cornelius Todd USA19790409 Subway Indianapolis IN
dnf 7 Kem Omer USA19821004 Subway Salem OR
dnf 26 Pickavance Roy CAN19710912 CenturyTel Tsawwassen BC
dnf 28 Koski Mike CAN19650104 Rocky Mountain Bicycles / Adobe Vancouver BC
dnf 30 Worsfold Chris CAN19681011 Bayside Cycling Club Victoria BC
dnf 32 Jacobson Carl CAN19660828 Rocky Mountain Bicycles / Adobe Vancouver BC
dnf 36 Clement Basse CAN19730210 Rocky Mountain Bicycles / Adobe Richmond BC
dnf 40 Little Taylor CAN19840613 Taylor Little Edmonton AB
dnf 49 Lawler Jesse USA19770629 Jittery Joe's-Kalahari Nashville TN
dnf 53 Johnson Tim USA19770805 Jittery Joe's-Kalahari Middletown MA
dnf 67 Gue Owen USA19850118 Broadmark Capital Missoula MT
dnf 70 Jackson Pleasure USA1979 Broadmark Capital Seattle WA
dnf 72 Morgan Justin USA19840316 Broadmark Capital Bainbridge Island WA
dnf 75 Laliberte Scott CAN19700326 Schwalbe / Genisoy Cycling Port Moody BC
dnf 89 Boniface Brett CAN19800815 OrganicAthlete Victoria Guelph ON
dnf 90 Smith Joshua USA19860202 CenturyTel / VRAD Vail CO
dnf 91 Squire Chris CAN19620126 N/A North Vancouver BC
dnf 99 Hall Matthew 204434 CenturyTel / VRAD Dunwoody GA
dnf 102 Bingham Brad USA19860927 CenturyTel / VRAD Edwards CO
dnf 108 Burgess Phil IRL19680504 La Bicicletta Dublin Ireland
dnf 114 Borlee Harley CAN19761111 Velocity Edmomton AB
dnf 118 Walker Matthew CAN19860716 Team Sask Saskatoon SK
dnf 120 Goosen David CAN19820404 Rocky Mountain Bicycles / Adobe Ladner BC
dnf 123 Krughoff Allen B0161599 Century Tel Boulder CO
dnf 124 Reid Chris CAN19810604 Team Coastal Guelph ON
dnf 125 Sparling Jeff CAN19860824 Team Alberta Calgary AB
dnf 134 Steele Duncan CAN19821105 Escape Velocity / DEVO Kelowna BC
dnf 136 Tsilemos Jim CAN19690519 Team Coastal North Vancouver BC
dnf 140 Cunningham Mark CAN196802312 Symmetrics Cycling Vancouver BC
dnf 143 Kameka Eric CAN19790223 Escape Velocity / DEVO Caledon ON
dnf 149 Skinner Dan CAN19830624 Toronto ON
dnf 151 Shaw James CAN19680715 Team Coastal North Vancouver BC
dns 33 McKnight Cameron CAN19810715 Edmonton Road & Track Club Edmonton AB
dns 113 Britton Rob CAN19840922 Team Coastal Regina SK
dns 128 Beard Paul CAN19710228 Atomic Racing Club Vancouver BC
dns 133 Bail Samuel CAN19860528 / All Seasons Sports Toronto ON


POS # Last Name First Name UCI_Code Team Name Hometown Time
1 213 Bessette Lyne CAN19750310 Sports Experts - Louis Garneau Knowlton QC 2:17:34
2 201 Uhl Sarah USA19830801 Quark Cycling Team Perkasie PN 2:21:14
3 227 Grain Gina CAN19740616 Victory Brewing Victoria BC "
4 207 Poitras Mandy CAN19710804 Symmetrics Cycling Langley BC "
5 212 Sweeney Lisa CAN19810414 Team Coastal Langley BC "
6 210 Tratnyek Anna CAN19860916 Terry Precision Shakespeare ON "
7 204 Hambleton Marni CAN19711023 Symmetrics Cycling Vancouver BC "
8 211 Farell Julia CAN19670924 Wheels of Bloor Toronto ON "
9 244 Cameron Claire CAN19810308 Blak Dog Racing Ladner BC "
10 237 Guloien Leah CAN19810723 Sugoi / Giant Port Moody BC "
11 222 Numainville Joelle CAN19871120 Canadian National Junior Women Laval QC "
12 231 Lamson Heather CAN19770404 Wentings Cycle Chilliwack BC "
13 243 Willock Erinne CAN19811016 Webcor Builders Cycling Team Victoria BC "
14 236 Radomsky Alena CAN19810630 Team Coastal Red Deer AB "
15 223 Canuel Karol-Ann CAN19880418 Canadian National Junior Women Amos QC "
16 242 Darling Lee CAN19760725 Team Coastal North Vancouver BC "
17 224 Cooper Naomi CAN19870909 Canadian National Junior Women Aldergrove BC "
18 226 Zimich Barb CAN19560818 Team Coastal North Vancouver BC "
19 228 Spencer Stacey CAN19720411 Gericks Cycle Salmon Arm BC "
20 202 Kelly Helen AUS19710807 Quark Cycling Team Australia "
21 205 Briante Christina CAN19790618 Symmetrics Cycling Guelph ON 2:21:23
22 254 Brynjolfson Kristine CAN19700614 Team Coastal Delta BC 2:21:53
23 234 Hupin Debeurme Mathilde CAN19840330 Sportif Bromont Bromont QC 2:23:49
24 230 Coney Helena CAN19830207 N/A Victoria BC 2:23:59
25 229 Guzman Anne CAN19750412 Terry Precision Carlisle ON 2:31:06
26 250 Campbell Kristin CAN19740909 Pedalhead Roadwork's/Sleemans Edmonton AB "
27 256 Tasa Lisa CAN19871117 Chapman Land Surveying Racing Burnaby BC "
30 258 Goran Angella CAN19790125 Team Adventure Bound Victoria BC -1 lap
31 251 Bissell Beth CAN19740527 Midweek Cycling Club Richmond Hill ON -1 lap
dnf 208 Hutsebaut Julie CAN19760312 Terry Precision Montreal QC
dnf 214 Trew Jenny CAN19810914 Team Coastal Calgary AB
dnf 215 Testroete Alison CAN19830722 Team Alberta Calgary AB
dnf 225 Macht Suzanne CAN19791019 Peachland BC
dnf 232 Case Kylie CAN19860616 Team Manitoba Brandon MB
dnf 241 MacGregor Moriah CAN19740511 Dizzy Chicks Whitehorse YK
dnf 253 Vice Leslie CAN19780323 Dizzy Chicks Vancouver BC
dnf 255 Walker Gill CAN19730225 Team Coastal Vancouver BC
dns 206 Lee Maria CAN19710804 Symmetrics Cycling Edmonton AB
dns 235 Wrubleski Alex CAN19840531 Regina Cycle Club/Sask Regina SK
dns 238 Eller Carrie USA19800823 Tamarack Resort Seattle WA
dns 240 McKirdy Jean Ann CAN19840417 Rocky Mountain Business Objects Valemount BC

Race report by Kevin Woodley


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